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TrueSight Capacity Optimization is a digital enterprise management solution that aligns IT resources with service demands and business priorities, resulting in on-time service delivery and optimized costs.
How To Get Started with a Capacity Management Practice.
How To Get Started with Capacity Management

Deliver the right resources at the right time at the right cost with a good capacity management practice.

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Applications and IT infrastructure need to work together

  • Reserve and schedule IT infrastructure resources for onboarding applications day-one
  • Forecast and model changes in demand to adjust IT resources as needed
  • Optimize the use of cloud services with visibility for best placement and cost of service
  • Plan and optimize your Hadoop infrastructure and budget
  • Report the cost of IT resources to business and IT stakeholders

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Enterprise-wide capacity planning and management of your IT infrastructure

Gain insight into your infrastructure utilization and needs.

Enterprise Visibility

IT infrastructure resources are the foundation for running the digital enterprise.  Do you have the right resources for expected service or upcoming growth? Without clear visibility into your infrastructure utilization, your digital services—and your budget—can be at risk.

  • Capacity views: View the health—usage, risk, efficiency—of the compute, storage, and network resources in your data center
  • Forecast analytics: Plan for future needs using correlation analysis between business drivers and resources utilization metrics
  • Reservations: Allocate and schedule IT resources needed for deploying new applications day-one
  • Insights: Keep stakeholders informed of the state of their IT resources with more than 50 out-of-the-box reports as well as customizable reports

Optimize your cloud services for speed and agility.

Private and Public Cloud

Plan and manage private and public cloud services, including AWS, Azure, OpenStack, and others, to balance both cost and performance. Gain the insight you need into private cloud infrastructure, public services, and the cost of both.

  • Capacity views: View the usage, risk, and efficiency of your virtual environment
  • Cost reporting: Chargeback or showback the cost of the IT resource demands of virtual and cloud services to stakeholders
  • Predictive alerts: Prevent application slow-downs or failures with automated alerts for near-saturation resource conditions 

Plan your Hadoop infrastructure growth.

Big data analytics has become a competitive weapon. With new and significant investments being made in building Hadoop environments for big data analytics, it’s important your big data investment and IT resources and are both optimized.

  • Forecast demand: Plan for growth with correlation models using business and resource metrics
  • Hadoop cluster views: View the usage, risk, and efficiency of the compute, storage, and network resources in your Hadoop clusters and nodes
  • Balance investment: Make informed spending decisions with the ability to track IT resource costs

Getting started with TrueSight Capacity Optimization is easy