2015 Analysts


14 OCT 2015
Vendor Selection Matrix for Next-Generation Application Performance Management
Research in Action
Application Performance Management is at an all-time high, and the market is very dynamic and highly complex with many different facets according to the Research In Action Vendor Selection Matrix. A key component of the report is a survey of 1600 IT professionals about the future of APM. According to those surveyed, the top four requirements for next-generation APM are a SaaS delivery platform, hybrid cloud management, analytics and big data, and real-time monitoring with end-user views. The report provides a comparison of the top 20 vendors of next-generation Application Performance Management solutions.

15 SEP 2015
BMC Brings Versatility and Ease of Use to Big Data Analytics with TrueSight Intelligence
This impact brief examines BMC’s September, 2015 announcement heralding the vendor’s entrance into the broader arena of what EMA calls ‘advanced IT analytics” (AIA) through a new “digital analytics platform.” EMA believes this announcement is significant in a number of ways, ranging from deployment advantages to use-case versatility, to a uniquely well thought-out and well-integrated design.

15 SEP 2015
The Big Data Analytics Reality For Modern Infrastructure And Operations Leaders
Did you know that more than four out of five IT professionals (88%) plan to prioritize and leverage big data and analytics for business decisions within the next 12 months? Get Forrester’s take on Big Data analytics for IT and explore the latest trends to keep pace with the demands of the digital enterprise.

08 SEP 2015
BMC Digital Enterprise Management Powers Digital Business Transformation
IDC's research shows that business-driven initiatives impact over 60% of enterprise IT spending. The vast majority of this investment is associated with what can be broadly described as digital transformation (e.g., harnessing innovative cloud, big data, social, mobile, DevOps, and Internet of Things technologies) to radically automate business processes, create new revenue opportunities, and improve customer engagement. This white paper discusses how BMC's recently announced Digital Enterprise Management set of solutions and operational framework are helping enterprises take advantage of automation, analytics, and social IT to manage their fast-changing IT infrastructure and application environments to power digital transformation.

01 SEP 2015
BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.0
Ptak Associates
BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.0 extends IT’s capacity visibility by adding the impact of future IT demand with existing capacity, through its reservation-aware capacity optimization.

13 JAN 2015
How to Gauge the Success of a New CTO: Looking at BMC
Enderle Group
BMC just hired Phil Harris out of Cisco to be its new CTO. I work with a number of CTOs in a variety of firms and have come to develop a sense for the ones that will work out and those that won’t. I also had a chance to interview Harris last week. Now, I’ll walk you through how I assess a CTO’s skills and conclude with my assessment of Harris.